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Provestra changed my life after suffering a decreased libido after menopause. I was on the verge of losing my marriage when I saw a video on youtube about how Provestra works. After seeing the video, I scoured the internet for reviews on Provestra and anything that I could find about Provestra. I finally decided to give it a try and my life has not been the same since.

-Sally Harris Dallas, TX

Provestra definitely helped me a whole lot with my dryness, libido, and most importantly with my mood swings. My poor family had to live with a demon for way too long. However the only negative thing is that these pills taste horribly. For like an hour after you take them you can taste them every time you burp or swallow. Like i said though, it is well worth the bad taste to achieve the positive benefits that this product offers.

Susan W., Jacksonville, FL

Getting older is not fun at all. I started having all of these symptoms: I noticed are lack of energy, weight gain, sleepless nights, dry skin, lower sex drive. Oh how I can so relate to a comment sent in by a lady on here. My sex drive is nonexistent, I have a very patient husband and I thank God that he is so, I still have sweats but not as in 'hot flushes' it is in bed only, I wear summer PJ top only and have to have my top half out of the quilt, until I'm stone cold, otherwise I just flare up in this sticky sweat. I'm 57yrs and its non-ending, the weight is the hardest to overcome especially when you've been the opposite all your child-rearing life. I just started taking Provestra about three weeks ago and am already noticing big changes. I have no more hot flashes, my libido is coming back and my husband says I am less gripy.

Shannon P., Houston, TX

I just turned 37 and I think I'm peri-menopausal. My cycles were never regular (months, sometimes years without a cycle) I am finding myself emotional. I've had significant weight loss. I am normally an aggressive person, but I find myself indecisive at times. I just started taking Provestra this weeks so I have not had time to see its full effects yet. The emotional rollercoaster is VERY hard. Sometimes the hot flashes are unbearable but on the flipside my libido has dramatically increased, which my husband loves.

Jennifer L., Madison, WI

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  • It works but I forget to take them daily and still a great help., Margeret L. Los Angeles, CA
  • Does help, I can feel an improvement. Roxanne P. Houston, TX
  • I was skeptical after reading the reviews but I'm so glad that I went ahead and tried this product. I took the product each day and by the 7th day I felt my sex drive kick in! The only issue is the awful smell but I can get passed that because it helps me! Stacey B. Colorado Springs, CO
  • This stuff really works!!! I had dryness problems and now I don't have any issues with dryness. I'm always in the mood. My fiance is so happy! I wasn't gonna tell him but I did and now he says those pink pills are something else. I will be purchasing these again and again. I also wanted to add they starred working in 3 days. If you are having problems in your relationship due to dryness get these and your problems will be a memory., Jennifer L. Blum, TX
  • After suffering from hot flashes for way too long, I decided to start looking into treatment options. I am all about natural treatments for as much as possible. I didn't see a lot of options online. Most of what I found had really bad reviews. I am glad that i stumbled upon Provestra. It has helped with my hot flashes tremendously. I am now 6 weeks in and they are almost completely better. They have gotten better and better each week. Thank you Provestra! Joanna Johnson Las Vegas, Nevada

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What Are Doctors Saying About Provestra?

Anna Lepeley, PhD, CISSN, CSCS

Anna is an expert in the nutrition and exercise field and has an extensive knowledge of biochemistry along with the understanding of libido-enhancing supplements. As a doctorate holder from the Trident University in Exercise Biochemistry, Anna has an exclusive knowledge of the biochemical and physiological part of sexual performance and libido. She is aware of the best methods used for manipulating these aspects of sexual desire through lifestyle factors, diet, exercise, and supplements.

In addition to it, Anna has a Master's as well as Bachelor's degree in the field of Exercise Physiology awarded by the Florida International University. For the past eight years, she has been studying the influence of dietary supplements and nutraceutical ingredients on sexual arousal.

Anna has been conducting lectures at different conferences to disperse any myths proposed by shady libido-product manufacturers. Anna has worked with several libido-enhancing product firms and has helped the general population by translating the working mechanism of these ingredients and supported them with proper scientific research.

Dr. Karen Vieira, MSM, PhD

Provestra™ is a one-stop solution for women looking to increase their sexual desire, enjoy intense sexual sensations, and improve lubrication. The main purpose of this product is to restore the natural sexual balance and improve the sexual health of women. Provestra is prepared from natural ingredients that are well known to spark a new light in sexual lives.

Most of the people discussing the sexual health of women often blame psychological factors regardless of the real reasons for the lack of libido. However, a balanced neurotransmitter and hormone levels, and regulated flow of blood along with proper vaginal lubrication is the key to ignite sexual desire. If any of these factors are not fulfilled, women might not enjoy sex as per their expectation and might even have a lack of interest in it. It can make male partners feel undesirable. However, the best option to ignite sexual desire in females is to maintain proper sexual health.

Instead of suffering with the side effects of low sexual desire, it is time to improve your sexual health with products like Provestra™. Provestra™ is made of many effective natural ingredients with each of them playing a crucial role. For instance, kudzu is known for its high phytoestrogen content, which can balance estrogen levels in the female body. Similarly, ginseng is known for its regulation of sex hormones responsible for female sexual desire. Damiana offers aphrodisiac qualities and can help restore female libido. In short, there are several ingredients used in Provestra™ that has the sole purpose to improve the sexual desire in women.

There are very few products available for igniting sexual desire in women, and Provestra™ is one of the best. Provestra™ is my recommendation to anybody looking to enjoy a better sex life with more intense orgasms.

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What Are The Advantages Of Provestra?

  • It leads to hormonal balance
  • It enhances* natural vaginal lubrication
  • It boosts* libido and sex drive
  • It boosts* blood flow towards vaginal region
  • It increases* user’s orgasms body arousal
  • It moderates mood swings while counteracting depression


How Do I Use Provestra?

Provestra is an all-natural supplement so the risks are minimal. However, We suggest taking the suggested amount on regular basis for maximum results. It varies from person to person but on average it takes 6-8 weeks to start feeling the full effects.

What Are The Precautions When Using Provestra?

Do not take this product during pregnancy and while under medications.

How Long Before I See Any Improvements?

Users who maintain constant and regular use normally attain their consumption goals shortly after use.

Possible Side Effects

Use of this supplement as directed normally offers minimal chances of delivering adverse effects. However, in case of excess use, consumers encounter some undesirable effects such as allergic reactions.

Does Provestra Really Work?

Provestra is a natural and powerful sexual enhancement formula specially designed for women use. It mainly addresses various sexual dysfunctions that lead to poor sexual performance. It will enhance* vaginal lubrication naturally thus preventing it from drying.

In addition, it boosts* libido and promotes* sex drive thus leading to sexual sensation and increased orgasms. It also balances reproductive hormones and increases* blood flow.

Women undergoing severe menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms equally benefit from this product. If your sex life is demanding for an upgrade, don’t hesitate to buy this product.

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What Do Woman Have To Say About Menopause?

  • I started "the change" when I turned 40. Bear in mind, I only had spotting during my menses, but also suffered cramping so bad the first day, I was on prescription pain pills to be able to function. Even after the birth of my only child at age 32, I continued to only spot, but no more cramps. I have NOT had any surgery to remove my female parts or tie my tubes, everything is still in tact. Once I had started the change, I went through what my doctor called "classic" text book symptoms. These included: night sweats, hot flashes, irregular periods (not every month), mood swings, increase/decrease in libido, weight changes, etc.. My doctor told me that once I quit having my menses for a full 12 months, I would be "completed" through the change. He was right, but I still have the occasional hot flashes. He said that can happen and may or may not continue the rest of my life. HE SAID EVERY WOMAN IS DIFFERENT WHEN IT COMES TO MENOPAUSE, AND THAT EACH ONE WILL EXPERIENCE A COMBINATION OF SYMPTOMS. He also SUGGESTED (mind you)that if I could deal with going through menopause and afterwards WITHOUT HRT (hormone therapy), I would be better off without it. SO I CHOSE NOT TO TAKE IT. Not every doctor would agree with that, but I believe he is right. I am now 53 yrs old, and my bone density is still the same as it was when I had my first mammogram at age 39. I take 1200 mg of Calcium with Vitamin D daily, and also go for a walk 3 to 4 times a week. I still have the occasional hot flash, but I can live with that. Not having my periods anymore is so wonderful! Menopause ROCKS!!!

Shirley Johnson, Madison Wisconsin

  • I cry it seems almost always, I for the last 3 years have had what I refer to as “gunk", brown discharge along with bleeding. I can't find any info on it, I now for the last 3 months have had almost constant daily nonstop spotting, to the point I always have to wear a pad. I feel depressed, have suicidal thoughts, I wonder how so many woman before me survived this, my husband although for the most part is patient. I think gets just a frustrated as me. I feel alone, our sex life is almost nonexistent which makes me feel distant from my husband of 29 years, I have tried many things, and the only thing that even remotely helps is menocalm, a natural supplement. I feel like I am losing my identity, I want this to end.


  • I am 49 and became peri-menopausal systems at 45 when my husband left me. I have severe hot flashes during the day and night. I literally soak the bed sheets. My hair has changed also - it has gone curly from being bone straight, and I have lots of white hair too. I also have muscle aches and lots of joint pain. I have had 2 periods in 18 months. I have had no energy and trouble sleeping also. When I get home from work I often need a nap before making dinner. On weekends I could sleep all day. My pharmacist has suggested Evening of Primrose Oil to help with the hot flashes. I am going to give it a try. But the bright side is NO MORE PERIODS!!!

Joanne Middleton, New York, NY

  • I also experienced the "warm foot" symptom. It was such a strange experience and I did not attribute it to menopause. It did start right before the hot flashes took over my life. I had a full year of no periods with no symptoms. I have been experiencing frequent hot flashes all day and all night for the past 6 weeks. Suddenly from one day to the next I developed vaginal discomfort and am treating it with the topical estrogen cream. It is very expensive and bothersome to use. I find it a catch 22: It is preventing the atrophy of my sexual organs but I'm too exhausted for sex and my husband has to sleep in the guest room as my fitful sleep keeps him up all night too. How much sex will we be having?! I'm reluctant to take hormone replacement therapy if I can stand the symptoms without it but am not sure I'm ready to give up the sexual side of a great 32 year marriage. I don't want to be "old" at 54 and my husband deserves a normal sex life. Is the risk of HRT worth it??? I read a Provestra review and was curious if anyone else have had any good results from taking Provestra.
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