Phalogenics Traction Penis Enlargement Exercises

Phalogenics Demystified

Phalogenics is taking the world by storm as the most popular penis enlargement system online. This product has been proven to not only be effective but it also offers results much faster than other options. Did we mention that an all-natural approach to penis enlargement is the safest approach. The Phalogenic method is the first penis enlargement that works that I have found.

Does It Really Work?

I'm not gullible, in fact, i laughed at this product the first time that I saw it advertised. Lucky for me my buddy is very gullible and gave it a try. After seeing his results, I was convinced that not only did Phalogenic traction give you a bigger cock, a stronger erection and better sex, but it can do it in half the time of the closest competitor.

What Is The Phalogenics Method?

The Phalogenics techniques include a collection of penis exercise videos that are designed to encourage growth. They aren't difficult or complicated and, if done correctly, can provide some rather impressive growth in both length and girth. The phalogenic traction exercises can all be completed in under 90 minutes per week.

How Does Phalogenics Work?

Anatomy & Growth Of Your Penis

Very few people know that all of the human body will respond to, grow, develop, and adapt to physical stimulation and exercise. This holds true for the penis as well. Yes, I just said it. You can grow your penis with exercise such as with Phalogenics. In the penis, the tendons, ligaments, muscle fibers, and cellular tissue will stretch and heal in order to adapt to new stressors on them (Berne, Levy, Koeppen, & Stanton, 1998).

Do Penis Exercises Work?

The penis is a muscle! The way that penis enlargement exercises work is by relying upon this human bodies innate ability of muscle fibers to be able to stretch and then to grow to accommodate exercise. This is the same as doing pushups to make your chest bigger, curls to make your arms bigger, and squats to make your legs bigger. Phalogenics works better for your penis that dumb bells do for your biceps.

Yes the penis is a muscle but it is not skeletal muscles like the other muscles we have talked about. The penis is made up of smooth muscle tissue and it is affected by the ligaments that attach it to the pubic bone. In addition, the erectile tissue, corpora cavernosa, is a spongy tissue containing distensible blood spaces, which increases in size when blood is pumped into it (Martini, 1998).

If you Are unhappy with your penis size, phalogenics exercises Might help. Consider it! Here is how they operate and why you need to try.

It’s a fact. Stress about penis size is so common among men. While studies reveal that the average size is about 5 inches when vertical, this advice does little good for a guy who is feeling insecure. Some options, like penis pumps as well as enlargement surgery, may Sound too frightening to try. However, you need to be larger, and you're prepared to work for it.

Imagine if there was a natural exercise method to help you get the results you want? There is! It is called phalogenics, and this method can help you feel larger and perform better.

Use A Scientific Approach With Phalogenics Exercises

Your Penis Is Sponge-like

The corpora cavernosa that lies inside the male penis is very much like the construction of the pore cells in marine life called sponges. How strange. Once you get past that fact you will learn that stretching the pore cells repeatedly in a live sponge will then cause it’s absorption pores to expand and heal in this expanded state to adapt to the minute tearing of the cellular walls of the pores. This is a big piece of the secret that Phalogenics will help you capitalize on. Are you starting to get the picture. Now because of this tearing and healing the Phalogenic exercises will make the pore cells larger and more capable of absorbing more water and nutrients. Which means it will also make your pore cells in your penis larger just like in the sponge. Thank you science for bringing us Phalogenics.

You Can Exercise Your Penis Just Like Your Biceps

Think about a bodybuilder with the blood rushing into the muscle during resistance weight training getting a good pump. When this happens it stretches the layers causing the minute tearing just like in the sponge. When it heals it grows just a little bit at a time. Our collection of Phalogenics natural penis enlargement exercises will leave you confident and impressive.

How Do You Perform Phalogenic Traction Exercises?

Is this your first experience with the phalogenic method? Let's take a fast look at the idea. Phalogenics provides a natural, exercise-based way of penis enlargement. It is not a miracle solution -- since those do not really exist. Instead, this technique promises real results for any man willing to commit.

To follow the Phalogenics exercise method, you do not need to buy expensive pills and supplements or see the hometown physician. Instead, you only have to watch some training videos and follow the steps.

Once you get started, you will also have access to a supportive community. You can read articles about the program, and also connect with other guys that are doing it, too.

1. Jelqing

Jelqing is well known by many men as it is one of the most effective exercises for male enhancement. It will improve our penis size in length and girth. A half hard erection works best for this exercise so work yourself up to about fifty percent erect. You will want to us oil or a good oil based lubricant.

First you make an OK shape with your thumb and index finger. Then you place the fingers at the base of your penis and squeeze it to force the blood to the tip of the penis. Slide your your hand up the penis really slow stopping before reaching the head. You want to do this for approximately 5 minutes a day at first.

2. Kegel Exercises

Kegels are usually known as a women's exercise, However, Men can benefit greatly from them as well. These help the most with your erection quality which increases size because of greater blood flow. The best way to learn the feeling of a kegel exercise is to wait until you pee. While peeing stop the flow several times. The muscle you use to stop the urine glow is the same muscle that you contract for kegels.

To start, contract the muscle for at least 5 seconds. The relax for a few seconds and repeat. Doing this for 10-30 minute session offers the best results, However, you can do these anywhere.

3. Base Squeeze

The base squeeze is used to increase the girth of the penis. You start the same as with a jelq, by making an “OK” shape with your index and thumb. Squeeze both fingers, forcing blood to the tip of your penis. After that you place fingers near the base and hold the squeeze for 30 seconds. Do this several times taking breaks in between.

4. V-Stretch

This exercise focuses on your length more, but it also affects girth somewhat. You also want a 50 percent of less erection for this exercise. Using one hand grab the penis below the glans and pull your penis away from your body. Use the other hand and grab the penis about halfway down the shaft and push it down. How this for 30 seconds at a time and then rest.

5. Double Squeeze

This male enhancement exercise that primarily focuses on girth of the penis, but it can help with length some also. An 80 percent erection is required for this one. You then use the OK grip again starting at the base. Then you sill form another Ok grib directly in front of the first hand with the palm facing away from the body. Squeeze both hands and hold for 30 seconds. Relax and repeat while trying to keep your erection between sets.

6. Flaccid Bend

The exercise is used to increase the girth of your penis, both flaccid and erect. A very low erection such as 20-30 percent works best for this one. Grip your penis below the glans and stretch it out as much as comfortable. Using the other hand place the index and middle finger underneath your penis. Keep stretching by bending it forward over the two fingers and hold for 30 seconds per set.

7. Rotation Stretch

It is great for targeting length, both flaccid and erect of your penis.

How Big Will It Make My Penis?

We have thoroughly tested Phalogenics in a clinical setting and the results are astonishing. The men participating were able to achieve big gains. They grew an average of 2-4 inches in length. But what was even better is that they gained girth as well. Can you imagine how much this will help you regain your confidence with the ladies?

There are 3 main benefits to using this penis traction system:

  1. You get size - This means a longer and thicker penis.
  2. Harder erections - You will have rock solid boners.
  3. Superhuman staying power - Need I say more?

The problem with other penis enlargement methods is that they are very time consuming. Many of the techniques required for Phalogenics can be done in just a few minutes each day. You will not need pumps, creams, or pills either.

Customer Reported Size Increases With Phalogenic Traction

If you talk to someone who's been using this method for a while, you might be amazed at the results they obtained. The penis is a unique organ, but it is made of muscles which work much like the the muscles in the rest of the body. While the penis itself isn't a single muscle, it will have smooth muscle tissue which you can flex. In Reality, medical professionals recognize that the penis receives a sort of"exercise" through regular erections. This is vital for maintaining the penis healthy and working well. But you can take things up a notch by using different techniques of giving those muscles exercise.

Exercising the smooth muscle of the penis is not quite the same as exercising the other muscles of your body. Let's take a glance at how it works.

When you exercise your muscles normally, you really form tiny tears in the tissue. Your system rushes to repair that damage, building more muscle tissue, so your body gets larger and stronger because of this.

However, when you work out the muscles of the penis, you are not creating damage so as to construct new muscle. Rather, these workouts will make your present cells slightly bigger each time. The cells grow as they fix themselves.

The Correct exercises may also stretch out the spongy tissue that fills with blood during an erection. If this tissue grows, it may hold more blood, so you will both feel and look bigger when you're vertical.

We have gotten great results combining Phalogenics with VigRX Plus.

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Pros And Cons Of Phalogenic Penis Exercises


  • It Is Highly Effective – The Phalogenics exercise system really works. It is also shockingly simple if you just put in the work.
  • No Supplements and No Assembly – This amazing program is exercise based and doesn't require taking any pills or using any devices. if you have hands and a DVD player you are fully equipped.
  • It's Great For Partner Participation – When first designed, the Phalogenics program was intended for couples to use together so it is definitely something you both can participate in.
  • Itis Pain Free – Other programs, devices, and procedures can be very painful or uncomfortable at the least. With Phalogenics, the exercises are not painful or uncomfortable.
  • Doctor Approved and Recommended – Many doctors are recommending this to their patients and are very satisfied with the results.
  • Mess Free – There is hardly any cleanup involved with the use of this product. As a lazy pervert, I can certainly appreciate that.
  • Lasting Results – Phalogenics can provide permanent results if you follow the guidelines as given.
  • Great For All Men – Men of any shape of size can benefit from these exercises.


  • It Takes Dedication – For results, you have to be dedicated to sticking to the program exactly as directed without cutting corners.
  • It takes a DVD player or internet connection – If you are stuck in the stone age, this isn't the best program for you.
  • It Takes Time – It takes 2-4 weeks to start seeing results and needs to be done regularly to keep making gains.

Does Phalogenic Traction Work For Peyronie's?

Definitely, one of the biggest benefits of the Phalogenics program comes to men suffering from the condition known as Peyronie's disease. It is the most effective way to treat the condition that is known. It can be a very painful and miserable condition.

What is Peyronie's?

This disease relates to the build up of scar tissue inside the penis. This causes the penis to be very curved and is normally very painful when erect. Some men get such a bend in the penis that they are embarrassed for girls to see them naked.

Since it’s common for different people to have penises that are different sizes and shapes it seems that it wouldn't be much different. However, that is not the case. Some men get a debilitating pain every time they get hard.

There are two major cases of Peyronies. In the first situation the Penis is so twisted that it starts hurting too bad long before a full erection is achieved. This can be a terrible time if they have made the mistake of taking a viagra or something similar. This can intensify the pain to teh point that the guy passes out from it.

In the other case, the pain is very minute or not felt at all. However, this low intensity pain presents itself in other forms such as redness, itchiness, and other general discomfort. be it itchiness, redness, or a feel of general discomfort. Although mild. this pain can be so distracting that most men will have trouble getting a full erection ever.

Before Phalogenics, the treatments were very painful and mostly not effective. Luckily, with this exercise program you can overcome this condition in a matter of weeks. It only takes a little time and patience for a normal sex life to be available to you.

Full 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our product that you will have a full 60 days to give it your personal thumbs-up with our no questions asked 100% money back guarantee. It is that simple. You get to try it, 100% risk-free!

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Does Phalogenics Work?

What Do You Get With Your Membership To Phalogenics?

The Phalogenics traction penis exercise program that was developed is divided up to make it more easy to follow and digest. In addition to that, it is compatible with a set of sites which are intended to support enhancement clients. The program can also be set up to operate in conjunction with a program called"Advanced Sexual Mastery" that helps guys enhance sexual performance once their perfect penis size is finally attained. According to the manufacturers, if you follow the training as suggested you can expect gains in 2-4 inches in length.

The producers are confident in their work to give a warranty, which is top of the line. They offer a no questions asked money back guarantee withing the first 60 days. By halfway through the first 60 days, I had such significant gains that there is no way I would ask for a refund.

Is It a Waste Of Money?

While Phalogenics may not be the most expensive penis enlargement product on the shelves, It still leaves me skeptical anytime something sounds too good to be true. I did not know how I felt about spending money on a set of DVDs that more or less show dudes different techniques to manhandle their penis. After debating on it for a few days I placed my order. When I received the package my box included:

  • The Platinum Phalogenics Video Collection


  • The educational book "Release the Beast"
  • The educational book "The Magic Beanstalk"
  • The educational book "Porn Star Activation System"
  • A detailed instruction manual

I was not disappointed at all. The course is well put together and easy to follow and really does not take too much time at all. Best of all is that it worked very good. I got a nice gain in length and girth of my penis.

Customer Reviews

Phalogenics Is The First Penis Enlargement Method That Actually Works.

I was beyond skeptical when i first read about Phalogenics as an effective method for penis enlargement. I actually laughed at the ad as I read it. A couple weeks later, I over heard some friends discussing it. After hearing about my buddy gaining almost 4 inches in penis size, my opinions had definitely changed. I went straight home and Ordered my Phalogenics membership immediately. I was not expecting to see results for about 6 weeks so I was beyond surprised when my girlfriend made a comment about how huge my cock was getting. This was only about 3 weeks in. I have been religiously following the program ever since. Where was this years ago is what I want to know.

T. Tucker - San Diego, CA

After 6 Weeks Of Phalogenic Exercises I Got My Girl Back!

I lost the girl of my dreams because I couldn't please her in bed. After I saw a conversation that she was having on social media about wanting a guy that was hung, I started doing my research. I tried several methods of penis enlargement with zero to very little results. I was about to throw in the towel, but I really love this girl. I was willing to spend every penny that I had to find something that works.

The first thing that I tried was the ProExtender Plus. It is an uncomfortable stretching device that I am pretty sure doesn't work. I was only able to endure it for a couple days though. One positive thing that I can say about this company is they gave me no hassle about getting my money back.

The next thing that I tried was a penis pump. It did make my cock look much bigger, but it was just a temporary effect from pulling more blood into the penis. This was not going to be enough for her. I then tried supplements and started the exercises in the Phalogenics program. I could already see satisfactory changes by week 3.

Now that I knew that it was working, I doubled down and followed the program exactly as directed. My results since then have been amazing. I have added over 3 inches to the length and about an inch and a half to the girth of my penis. My ex thought I had to have had some type of surgery for these kinds of results.

I am addicted to Phalogenics now because I feel like a porn star now.

John Douglas - Denver, CO

Benefits Of Penis Exercises

As you can probably see by now, the Phalogenics method can enhance your life in a multitude of ways. Let us take a look at a number of the highest ones. Learn more about the benefits of Phalogenics.

1. Increased Penis Size

The first and possibly most exciting benefit is you will really see your penis size increase naturally. The growth will occur in both the length and thickness, for an even, natural outcome.

2. Harder Erections

Since the spongy tissue may hold more blood, and the muscles are working optimally, you will really get harder erections.You might find yourself lasting more, and remaining harder throughout. Every guy knows those weak erections which technically count,but do not really hold up that well for functionality. With phalogenics, you can eliminate those subpar erections permanently.

3. Improved Stamina and Control

Ever wish you could last longer? The phalogenics method will give youThe endurance and control you will need to keep going like the energizer bunny. If you or your spouse has ever wanted that gender could last longer, today's your chance. Get better control so that you can try new places and expertise sex for more than ever before.

Drawbacks To This Method Of Penis Enlargement

Are there any downsides to using the procedure? Let us take a look.

1. Requires Commitment

Much like any exercise regime, phalogenics just works if you are committed to making it work. You will need to remain disciplined to achieve the results you desire.

2. Safety Considerations

Phalogenic exercises are safe if you do them properly. However, if you don't follow directions and try to add more intensity or new techniques by yourself, you might lead to damage.

3. Takes Time

If you want Immediate penis expansion, we have bad news: there is no way to get it. Phalogenics takes some time to get results. You won't find growth overnight, so you will have to be patient.

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